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Wood Look on any Door
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Professional Garage Doors Decorations, Wood look Finishes, Beautiful home improvements, Decorative Garage Door hardware, Oxidized Finishes (Bronze, Copper or Metal)decorate ceilings, Free hand stencils, Venetian plaster, marbling, Metallic patinas, Color washes, Decorative glazes, luster stone, wood graining, Metallic Dunes.
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*Artistic Deco Creations began with the desire of working in peace and pleasure.
*Fine artist since birth, educated in many artistic skills [to offer one day] the enjoyable pleasure to decorate, creating unique designs for people and businesses looking for something special.
*Experience highly skilled professionals, whose Knowledge and abilities has no competence, from the initial preparatory work to the final coats of protection.
*We are real Knowledgeable about everything we do. We are obsessive seeker of the best procedures for all deco processes, with traditional and no traditional materials.
*We attend every possible conference about all materials we use and may use. We learned from Masters that stayed in this business all there lives, and loved there work – JUST LIKE WE LOVE AND ENJOY WHAT WE DO.

*We use only the best quality of materials, which are appropriated for the precise job. In most occasions we prep or resin the old school way, to be confident about the performance of our process and durability of our projects.

*We will quote you a fair and competitive price for a job. If you are comparing quotations make sure you compare like with like. A better price from another decorator may be at the expense of poor preparatory work, or low quality materials, which could affect the final results and durability of the work.

Our Respect for you:

Rest assured.

*We will be courteous and honest in all our dealings with you.
*We will give you only the best advice on any aspect of painting and decorating

*We will not leave your house or office in a mess.
*All furniture, fixings and surfaces will be adequately protected.

Your house will be left clean.

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We go all the way to where it needs to be preparation.

These is what we go through when you hire a person that is not professional.