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We have more than 10 years of experience, and our deco prestige is not easy to compete with
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Wood Look on any door
Wood Look on any Door
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Professional Garage Doors Decorations, Wood look Finishes, Beautiful home improvements, Decorative Garage Door hardware, Oxidized Finishes (Bronze, Copper or Metal)decorate ceilings, Free hand stencils, Venetian plaster, marbling, Metallic patinas, Color washes, Decorative glazes, luster stone, wood graining, Metallic Dunes.

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Ls d Garage doors.




We work the stain projects taking no shorcuts

The job is to look professional, & it needs some time, experience and thought effort.

We go all the way ; ( 100 way to do it, BUT ONLY ONE IS CORRECT )

Stain and Varnish on wood garage door(A)

A good maintnance on any door could hold a new look for decades, this wooden Garage Door is 18 years old. ( maintain every 11 months )

professional stain on wood door, please maintain every year.. (B)

Let us satain your doors, the preparation takes 75% of the process. Every project require experience to proceed correctly.

We are willing to seal up to every litle hole, or crack. These minor repairs make the impecable finish we are willing to give you.(C)

Do your project once. Your Door is the first impression to your guest.(D)

We will match your door to a 96% of color choice guaranteed, (why take chances)

You deserve a door to enjoy. Let us do your Maintnance and rescue them from any conditions.(E)

Let us rescue your doors, from any condition. Please Maintain your doors at leas every year.

Strip doors in any condition

It takes more than stain and varnish, prep is very intence, & should be done right.

Do not loose your doors.

Do not loose your doors, save them with a good professional service

Let us visit you. For a decent quote.

Let us Decorate your doors with our beautiful Hardware Have the best Doors in your Neighborhood (maintain them)

any outdoor stain project.

stain and deco your fences.

Just any project.

Call for a professional maintnance (save any door)

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" Going anywhere in the USA and the Islands for YOU."